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Check with Bravenet, they do a quick link type thing for free.  Looks like a
domain name, acts like a domain name, just have to put up with a banner at
the bottom that you can click off after the page loads.  Check the Canton of
Westgate page at to see what it looks like.
There is a link to Bravenet just under the Close this frame link.  I also
got the counter shaped like a sword from there as well. Hope this helps.
Lady Jessica Kincaid

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> 1. Map quest links always seem so busy.  I'm thinking of going with a gif
> a hand drawn map.
> 2.Yes, we should fill it out with pages from everyone.  I would really
> their input.
> 3. Annes thinks directions to populous is a good idea too.  I'll include
> 4. I'm surprised that your not a lord, must be some kind of oversight.
> 5. What's the cheapest way to get hold of a domain name?  I would like to
> get rock bottom pricing and present the idea to the group.
> Thanks for the input,
> Thorvaaldr
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> >Thorvaaldr:
> >Good viking, have a biscuit.  I have a few suggestions:
> >
> >1) For the maps to populace and the event we might provide a link to
> > or somewhere similar.
> >
> >2) We should put together pages for the guilds, rapier and archery as
> >as a short hospitaler's page for newcomers and a short page on heraldry
> with
> >suggestions on where to look for information.
> >
> >3) There should be information about when and where populace is.
> >
> >I will be willing to help you with the pages, although I couldn't take
> >the whole thing.  Get in touch with me offline and we will chat about it.
> >
> >
> >PS: While I appreciate the vote of confidence, I am not (yet) a lord.
> >
> >PPS: The domain name is available :-)
> >
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> >to confuse the two."
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