GE - Coronation Largesse Basket StephenMacthomas at
Wed Jan 12 21:45:07 PST 2000

Greetings once again from that Stephen guy ...

OK, I know, I just sent a long list of stuff from the populace meeting, but I 
felt this was important enough to warrant its own posting.

Gate's Edge has decided to make a basket of largesse for Their Incoming 
Majesties to distribute to those members of Their populace that They wish.  
Anyone wishing to make a contribution to this basket - and we do need your 
contributions - please contact me privately at stephenmacthomas at or 
call me at 281-651-0781 to make arrangements for your gift to be included in 
the basket.

Since Coronation is this Saturday, Time Is Of The Essence.  I'll need to get 
everything sometime Friday evening, as I plan to head out for Ennis early 
Saturday morning.

In your service,
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