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Thu Jan 13 05:57:45 PST 2000

  Greetings unto the Populace,

     I wrote to Lady Linnet concerning the new people not getting their January
OTE.  Her response of
"ARRGH!!!  Will do!!!" while brief, seems to indicate a massive oversite which
she is about to correct.  I know the lady very well, which some of you don't, and
she is one of the most responsible and nicest people you would ever want to
meet.  From her response, I believe she is sending those individuals missed
copies of the OTE for January.  While late, you will at least get them in your
hands.  Knowing Linnet, I know she is embarrassed and frustrated with her
mistake.  She won't make it again.  Please be sure to let me/her know if you do
not recieve your OTE.


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