GE - Coronation Largesse Basket StephenMacthomas at
Fri Jan 14 08:11:28 PST 2000

Greetings to the list!

One last reminder that tonight is the night to get your contributions for 
Their Incoming Majesties' largesse basket to me, or to make arrangements for 
them to go to Coronation.  I'm working until 7:00 pm this evening but can 
travel to pick things up after that.  At this point, we have three 
contributions promised, so anything you wish to donate will be greatly 

If you have a contribution, please contact me:
E-Mail - stephenmacthomas at
Home - (281) 651-0781
Pager - (713) 938-6738

In your service,

PS - Caitlin, you should be getting this notice twice, once at work, again at 
home.  I'll remove your work addy from the list this evening.
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