GE - Re: OTE for January blaan at
Sun Jan 16 09:03:58 PST 2000

Dear Linnet,
     I don't know exactly who did not get their January issue.  I believe Lord
Eadric and a couple of the new people did not.  I have put this reply onto the
GE list so people have a chance to respond to your inquiry.  I know you are
very chagrined but these things happen.  My experience has been that if you are
working to correct the mistake, most people are pretty forgiving and
understanding.  Ok, gang....who got missed...please respond to Lady Linnet
herself via her address above.

Kealani Brown wrote:

> Annes, I check my records, and there were three people who didn't get OTE's
> mailed to them (I had used the old label list, not the updated one).  Were
> there more than three people missing their issues?
> Linnet the horribly embarrassed and chagrined.

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