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Sun Jan 16 10:15:22 PST 2000

To all to whom these presents shall come, Lord Stephen Macthomas bids 
greetings and glad tidings from the Court of Ansteorra.  I am so moved as to 
relate to you those things which I have witnessed this past day.  Though my 
memory is faulty on every detail and recognition of the two Royal Courts, I 
shall present to you my best recollection.

Twas a crisp, mild winter day, with a stiff wind from the south warming our 
bones as the populace of Ansteorra arrived in the Barony of Elfsea for the 
Coronation of Alaric Drake and Kayleigh Drake as the 42nd King and Queen of 
Ansteorra.  Their Majesties Daffydd and Octavia held a magnificent court to 
close Their reign as Stellar Sovereign.  After much largess was presented by 
the baronies, shires and cantons represented, Their Majesties began to 
recognize those who excelled in Their eyes.  Many King's Gauntlets were 
presented, and many Queen's Gloves were awarded, though perhaps the most 
memorable of these was the final Glove that Her Majesty Octavia presented - 
to His Majesty Daffydd, in a most emotional ceremony.  The champions were 
released from their duties, and Don James Francis Navarre, the Queen's 
Champion, was made a Baron of the Court of Ansteorra, before departing the 
Royal Presence.  Countess Anora of Winward was made a Companion to the Order 
of the Star of Merit of Ansteorra.  Her Grace Alisha MacLeod was made a Court 
Baroness.  Viscount Sir Galen of Bristol was awarded an Augmentation of Arms 
for his service to Ansteorra.  The Kingdom Seneschal, Sir Burke Kyriell 
MacDonald, was released from his warrant and heartily congratulated for his 
service to the Kingdom.  His successor, Master Richard Fairbourne, was 
presented with the Key of Ansteorra and charged with the duties of Kingdom 
Seneschal.  As the business left before Their Majesties' court dwindled to 
the end, the Lions of Ansteorra came unbidden, as is their right, into court, 
to be charged with the Sword of State.  However, Their Majesties still had 
one more item of business, that being with the Masters and Mistresses of the 
Pelican, who added HE Master Lucais du Belier to their Order.  When the Lions 
reconvened before Their Majesties, their numbers were increased by one.  The 
newest Lion of Ansteorra is Mistress Gunnora Hallakarva.  The populace, Great 
Officers of State, landed nobility and peerages having been released from 
their oaths of fealty, the Lions being in possession of the Lion Sword, the 
Order of the Rose holding the Queen's Crown and the Knights protecting the 
King's Crown, Daffydd and Octavia laid down their burden of leadership.  
Dressed in white and silver, they held hands as they walked a few steps down 
the aisle - and then broke into a run the rest of the way.

After a time, the Coronation of Their Royal Highnesses started, with a 
reading of those 41 names who preceded Prince Alaric on the Throne of the 
Sable Star.  His Highness came before the Lions of Ansteorra and met their 
challenge before taking His rightful place as King.  Princess Kayleigh was 
led before the Court with a full military procession and a falcon on Her arm 
and She, too, assumed the Throne.  Their Majesties then took oaths of fealty 
from the peers, landed barons and baronesses, the Centurions and White 
Scarves and the members of the populace.  The White Scarves of Ansteorra 
presented Her Majesty with the scarf symbolizing Her patronage of their 
Order, but since She is a member of that Order Herself, the patron's scarf 
was pinned to the shoulder of His Majesty Alaric.  His Majesty presented four 
Sable Falcons to those whose fighting most impressed him.  The final Falcon 
was awarded to His Majesty Syr Mittion von Weald, King of Trimaris, who sat 
in state in the Court of Ansteorra.

After a time, the members of the populace of the Incipient Canton of Westgate 
were called into the Royal Presence.  Much wordfame was given to our sister 
canton, and after verifying with Master Richard and Honorable Lord Francois 
la Flamme, Star Principal Herald, that Westgate had met all the requirements, 
Their Majesties Alaric and Kayleigh removed the Canton of Westgate from 
Incipient status and made them a full-fledged Canton.  The hard work that our 
friends in Westgate have put towards this moment cannot be measured in words 
alone, and I heartily congratulate them on this achievement.

Much else was said and done, but slips from my mind at this time.

I hope this missive finds you well and of good fortune this 16th day of 
January, anno societatis XXXIV, being the 2000th year of common reckoning, 
and remain this day as always in your service.

Lord Stephen.
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