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If Ciaran doesn't, I do have a number of root beer recipes.  

Before deciding on a recipe there are several things you need
to think about.

1.  What kind of root beer are you talking about?  
    Soda Pop or real Root BEER?

2.  How much are you going to make?  What will you bottle it in?  
    Where will you store it? (gotta keep it cool)

3.  How much trouble are you willing to go to and what equipment
    do you have?

4.  Are you going to use a Root Beer Extract or use raw herbs 
    and spices?

5.  Do ya want it carbonated?  If so how are you going to carbonate it?
    (either with yeast or CO2 forced carbonation)

For those really interested in this we probably take the discussion off the

I plan on coming to the next brew session (the date is Sat, Feb. 5 right?)
and I have all the portable equipment we will need to do any of the methods
or recipes we desire.

If you are not planning to use an extract it will probably be best to order
the necessary herbs now.  I have sassafras growing on my place (for those
who aren't afraid of it).



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> From: Jennifer Mittelstaedt [mailto:gwyn_26 at]
> Ciaran,
> I was wondering if you could give the list a shopping list 
> for the rootbeer. 
>   I as well as several other ladies were wondering what would 
> be need for 
> this endeavor.  Thank you and see you at the guild meeting.
> Gwyn
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