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> I wanna throw in my hat for Master of Games at the Midsummer Faire this
> year. i making new board and pieces for Renn and I just may have a couple
> them ready by Midsummer. Also, id o have experience at this department, as
> was the original MoG for the group way back least that was the
> impression everyone gave me. i thought I was just sitting under the tent
> long enough to get drafted LOL
> Alan

Thank you for your generous offer, but I already have someone to handle the
games this year.  If you would like to come to our populace meeting I'm sure
your offer of assistance would be well received by any one of the people in
charge of the various activities.

Also, just as a point of information, I was the 'original MoG'.  I believe
you handled it at MS II.

Yours in service,

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