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Mon Jan 17 02:01:40 PST 2000

I wanna throw in my hat for Master of Games at the Midsummer Faire this 
year. i making new board and pieces for Renn and I just may have a couple of 
them ready by Midsummer. Also, id o have experience at this department, as I 
was the original MoG for the group way back least that was the 
impression everyone gave me. i thought I was just sitting under the tent 
long enough to get drafted LOL


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>Subject: GE - Notes from Populace
>Date: Thu, 13 Jan 2000 00:37:38 EST
>Greetings unto the list from Stephen Macthomas!
>The following items were discussed during the Gate's Edge populace meeting 
>Monday night:
>Archery Practice - Saturday, January 29th at Baron Talmon's home, starting 
>11:00 am.  Potluck lunch, bring a dish.
>Brewing Guild - Milord Ciaran is the principal.  Meetings will be held 
>1st Saturday at his home.  The next meeting is February 5th and we'll be
>making root beer.  The starting time will be posted soon.
>Charter Painting Guild - Lady Constance is the principal.  Meetings will be
>the 4th Thursday of the month at her home, starting at 7:30 pm.  The next
>meeting is January 27th.
>European Dance Guild - HL Signy is the principal.  Practice is every Sunday
>from 2:00 to 4:00 pm at Oaks Presbyterian Church in Houston.  (We know, we
>know, this is technically a Stargate guild, but it's on our side of town.)
>Herbalist Guild - HL Annes is the principal.  Meetings will be the last
>Tuesday of the month at her home, starting at 7:30 pm.  The next meeting is
>January 25th, and the topic is open.
>Sewing Guild - Lady Gwynafwyn is the principal.  Meetings will be the 3rd
>Tuesday of the month at Lady Seren's home, starting at 7:30 pm.  The next
>meeting is January 18th, and we will be covering rapier armor.  
>regarding this meeting has already been posted to the list by Lady 
>anyone needing it to be re-sent contact me privately.)
>SCA Night Out - Lord Bowen will begin coordinating a monthly SCA night out
>starting in February or March.  More information will be posted once a date
>and time has been decided upon.  Lord Bowen says the first night out will 
>a bowling night.  Remember, your best garb is always a bold fashion 
>with those charming rental shoes.
>Newcomers' Meetings - Lord Bowen is coordinating these meetings for our
>newcomers on the 3rd Thursday of the month.  The first meeting will be on
>February 17th, with the place and time to be determined.
>Knight Marshal - Lord Thorvaaldr is now warranted as the Gate's Edge Knight
>Marshal and will be starting a Wednesday night practice on January 19th at
>7:30 pm.  Lord Thorvaaldr will be posting more information on this practice
>once a site has been finalized.
>Midsummer Faire X - Lady Caitlin, the event stew, er, evil and perverse
>despot, will be holding a planning meeting sometime in February.  More
>details to follow.
>Stargate Equestrian Guild - Starting this month, this guild will split its
>monthly practices between Fort Bend County Stables in Stafford and Camelot
>Horse Center in Tomball.  This month's practice will be Sunday, January 
>at Camelot.  More information on start times and directions will be posted
>Open Offices - The offices of Seneschal, Herald, Rapier Marshal and 
>of A&S are now accepting applications.  Applications should be sent to the
>regional officer, with a courtesy copy going to the Gate's Edge Seneschal,
>the current branch officer, Their Excellencies Stargate, and the Stargate
>Seneschal.  All applications must include proof of membership.
>Website - Lord Thorvaaldr has volunteered to be the Gate's Edge Virtual
>Scribe and has begun devloping a Gate's Edge website.  Lord Thorvaaldr has
>asked for input from the populace before making the links available to the
>Ansteorran website.  The URL is:
>If I forgot anything, someone please post an addendum or correction to the
>In your service,
>Lord Stephen
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