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Wed Jan 26 12:44:49 PST 2000

If all the Canton Officers could browse over the and make sure that your contact information
is correct it would be greatly appreciated.  

Please make sure that I have spelled your names correctly and addressed you
properly as merited by your accomplishments (lord, lady, baron, baroness,
etc.).  You might also click on your listing to send yourself an email and
make sure that I have your email address right.

Also, please notice that currently there are no phone numbers listed on the
web page.  However, we need to have some phone numbers listed for
emergencies and contact when email simply is not fast enough.  If you are
not opposed to having your phone number listed please drop me a private
email with the phone number you want listed and I will update the page.

If anyone has suggestions please feel free to contact me.  Current plans are
to have a link/page for each guild meeting with contact information, maps,
etc.  If you are the principal for one of our guild meetings (charter
painting, sewing, etc.) and do not mind having your phone number listed or
have specific ideas what you want on the page please contact me and let me

Lastly, if you want to help please speak up.  Homestead is setup so that
groups of people can collaborate on web pages.  For instance, Thorvaaldr is
still maintaining the marshallate pages.  If you want to have a page for
your office or guild and have some knowledge of html, it is very easy for
you to get setup on homestead.

Your in Service,

Lord Eadric Anstapa


Scott Mills	 
Scott.Mills at Compaq.Com
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