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Wed Jan 26 15:02:20 PST 2000

Well, since noone has already done so, I shall write an account of Holly Perkins and Carl Matherly's wedding.

It was a beautiful day as the wedding party, of which myself and Kelani were included, arrived at the church.  They took pictures before the wedding service and then they left me alone so I could warm up my voice to sing.  The bridesmaids were dressed in period costumes of blue dresses with bodices of a darker blue tapestry made by Mrs. Perkins.  The  bride wore a white sleeveless gown with pearls on the bodice and an exquisite headpiece with veil hand-beaded by of all people) her father.  The groom and ushers all wore black tuxedos.  When the service began, I sang Beethovan's Ode to Joy before the mothers were walked down the aisle.  Then for the mothers processional, I sang the Schubert Ave Maria.  Then Kelani recited a wonderful rendition of the I Corinthians reading -- Love is Patient and Kind.  I then sang a glorious version of The Lords Prayer, hitting the high note at the end and holding it forever -- well almost.  

The service ended and the happy couple was whisked off down the hall to the reception.  The food was excellent and plentiful.  It was a light fare including skewers of beef and chicken, salad, many different cheeses and fruits, and some delightful artichoke dip with slices of french bread -- yummy!!!

Well, the celebrating over, John and I went home dreaming of our wedding and what it will be like when the time comes for us to become man and wife.

That's a fairly good accounting of the day.
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