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Wed Aug 1 12:48:34 PDT 2001

Good Day To All,

     Summer always hampers fighter practice (always has). Working in an iron shop all day renders me of energy even upon the weekend, as of late. I had suggested trying to start a war practice once a month in the Woodlands or Spring area (halfay spot between Ravens Fort and Stargate). The only interest seem to come from outside our canton for it. In order to have a sufficent melee practice we have to have numbers. The Canton does not have them. So we need to find a place that will attract fighters from all around. Whelp, gotta get back to work.

Miss You My Brothers,
William de Clare
Legion of the Sable Star

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> From The eldest of the Legion.
>   We have been constantly discussing how important it is to keep the Legion
> alive, the thing we need most of all is obviously motivation.  Soooooo,
> please send your ideas on what we can do to get the Legion organized,
> motivated, regular, and fun.  Talk is very cheap, its time to act and
> actually become a "Legion".  Legends come from stories about action, not
> dreaming about stories. Let get together this weekend and have a fighter
> practice, we would like to pass on what we have learned over the last few
> months from the Knights of Bordermarch.  We are extremely motivated on making
> the legion an elite fighting group, but we can not do it alone.  If you are
> going to do this and be a part of this, then lets........
> Tentative plan would be Saturday early afternoon......Where?  Happy medium.
> Please send recommendations for time and place.
> If there is no interest in continuing the legion then we believe we should
> move on, on our own, each of us.  If each of us plans to do our best, we have
> a responsibility towards diligence and camaraderie.  All of us need each
> other for this, all of us need a little push on occasion.  We need your help
> and participation.  The Gates Edge Heavy Fighters are becoming
> extinct....lets not let this happen.
> Your Brothers.....
> Jacques De Blanchaud   &    Tyrfingr "Tyr" Tjuguskegg
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