[Gatesedge] Legion Fighter Practice

Michael Tucker michaelt at neosoft.com
Wed Aug 1 13:59:05 PDT 2001

Greetings unto Jacques De Blanchaud, Tyrfingr "Tyr" Tjuguskegg, William de
Clare, and all true and worthy brothers and sisters in Gates Edge:

At the weekly Stargate/Loch fighter practice at the University of Houston main
campus, last night there were about *50* people in attendance, according to
Baron Godwin. He told me that about half of those were fighting (either rapier
or chivalric), and there were *5* knights present, teaching and fighting
(Godwin, William of Weir, Alexis, Rhodri, and Jason). That's nearly all of the
active, fighting knights in the Stargate/Loch area. (Ulsted was unable to
attend, although he usually does.) We frequently have fighters present from
Ravensfort, Bordermarch, and Seawinds.

I think that constitutes a sufficient melee practice. I think that constitutes a
place that will attract fighters from all around. But then again, what do I
know. I'm just an old used up baron, who has hardly made it out to practice this
past year. ;-)

My father was a machinist, and I remember full well how he would come home this
time of year, drenched in sweat and totally exhausted. You have my sympathies
and my understanding. However, if you are looking for an opportunity for melee
practice... it is already there. The door is open... all you have to do is
enter. :-)

Michael Silverhands

Kenneth Rigali wrote:
> Good Day To All,
>      Summer always hampers fighter practice (always has). Working in an iron shop all day renders me of energy even upon the weekend, as of late. I had suggested trying to start a war practice once a month in the Woodlands or Spring area (halfay spot between Ravens Fort and Stargate). The only interest seem to come from outside our canton for it. In order to have a sufficent melee practice we have to have numbers. The Canton does not have them. So we need to find a place that will attract fighters from all around. Whelp, gotta get back to work.
> Miss You My Brothers,
> William de Clare
> Legion of the Sable Star

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