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Wed Aug 1 16:21:20 PDT 2001

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Thanks for all the positive emails from the Legion and Non Legionaries.
We are aware that other regions read the Gates Edge list, but please know
this was solely for the heavy fighters of Gates Edge.  We have plans, if
necessary, to make a GE list for heavy fighters, to avoid disrupting the GE
It has come to our attention that our email has come across as being
negative.  So, shall we reiterate.....
The soul purpose of the email, once again, was to Motivate!
Not to undermined anyone's efforts.  ANYONE!
Tuesday night fighter practice, once again, is great, and we plan to attend
as often as possible.
We are talking about Gates Edge, GE has a small group of heavy fighters and
we need help to grow.
Our email was to encourage getting together as GE heavy fighters.

It is very disappointing to hear that phone calls are being made to parts of
this group, making assumptions that this was negative towards any one person.
 The murmur in the background is very frustrating and there is no need to
talk about fellow members.  We are a family and if something needs to be
said....say it to everyone.

Tyr & Jacques

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