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Unto the Barony of Stargate and her Cantons, do these greetings
come from Lady Isabeau Quiquandon, Stargate Seneschal and Acting
Hospitaler.  It is my hope that this missive finds you all in good
health and happiness.

The Barony of Stargate finds herself in a state of evolution.  We
have the following offices either taking applications or vacant:
Hospitaler, Chronicler, Chatelaine, Waterbearer, Minister of
Children and Youth Rapier.

Applications are being accepted for the office of Hospitaler.
Applications should be sent to the Regional Hospitaler, Lady Anna
Elise Klann (Rada Radebaugh), 3126 Sylvan Crest, Corpus Christi,
TX 78415 along with a copy of your (current) membership card.  A
courtesy copy to Their Excellencies Godwin and Elissena and me
(contact information published in the Two Towers).  This office
has been fun these past 10 months but it would be most difficult
to handle the duties of this office as well as Seneschal full time
for long.  The duties of Hospitaler are very important in
promoting Stargate, her Cantons and the SCA.  Therefore, it is
somewhat urgent that we have someone in this office that can
devote the necessary time (and talent) to continue this important
duty full-time. I have indicated to Their Excellencies that I
would continue to handle these duties until my successor has been

Applications are also being accepted for Chronicler.  Lady Eibhlin
has done a wonderful job as our Chronicler and we'll miss her but
personal reasons has prompted her stepped down after Baronial.
Applications and a copy of your (current) membership card should
be sent to our new Coastal Regional Chronicler, Baroness Cateau,
at: Baroness Cateau d'Ardennes (Diana Steelquist), 2543 Cobblers
Way, Friendswood, TX 77546-2603;(281) 648-9823;
baroness_cateau at hotmail.com.  A courtesy copy should be sent to
Lady Eibhlin, Their Excellencies and me.

Madama Perronnelle has decided to step down after Baronial also
after holding this office for several years.  She wishes to
explore other SCA interests.  Her excellent handling of the
Barony's 'stuff' has been exceptional. VIVAT!!  Those interested
in Chatelaine should submit an application to my attention with a
copy of your (current) membership card with courtsey copies to
Their Excellencies and  Madame Perronnelle Charrette.

Lady Caitlin has taken great care of our populace and guests alike
these past two years making sure we all had plenty to drink at all
our events, especially during our Anestorra 'killer' summer
In addition to Lady Eibhlin and Madame Perronnelle, she too has
decided to step down after Baronial.  Please submit your
application and a copy of your (current) membership card to me
with courtsey copies to Lady Caitlin and Their Excellencies.

Gentles interested in applying for Minister of Children should
contact Saundra of Loch Raeburnand, Kingdom MoC
(teacherceleste at hotmail.com) or Youth Rapier Marshal  to HL
Delphina de Champeaux (tavy at swbell.net or
coastal_youth_rapier at ansteorra.org) courtesy copies to Their
Excellencies and me.  And don't forget a copy of your (current)
membership card.

Serving Kingdom & Barony
Lady Isabeau Quiquandon
Stargate Seneschal & Acting Hospitaler
stargate_seneschal at evl.net
stargate_hospitaler at ev1.net

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