[Gatesedge] Houston, We have a Problem!

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I'd go for it.


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Subject: [Gatesedge] Houston, We have a Problem!

Hi all,    I hope you don't mind my use of 'Houston, we have a Problem', I
just watched the Apollo-13 movie the other night, and it seemed appropriate
in this case....

I've noticed a lot of mass postings of the same e-mails to the many lists
in the Loch Soillier, Raven's Fort, Stargate area, where announcements are
wanted to be made of interest to us in and around the Houston area.   So, I
checked with Pug recently, to see if a local area 'announcement' e-list
could be created to act like 'Ansteorra-announce'.    Pug said there was
already a special-area list working up in the Dallas -Ft Worth area, called
DFW-Announce; and we could set one up in the Houston area.

Here's how it would work:
1.  You would sent a general announcement to the
'Houston-Announce at ansteorra.org'
 (taking a hint on the name of the list from the DFW group!),
2.  Then,  if you are ALREADY a subscribed member of any of these branch
(land) list groups:
 Raven's Fort, Stargate, Loch Soillier, Westgate, GatesEdge  (and
eventually Loch Soillier)...
(and any other branch based list that may want to be in on this, or we can
remove any groups from the announce list)...
3.  Then you would only get hit with the e-mail once,  Once, ONCE!     Not
multi-times, such as if you are on the Stargate, Westgate, AND GatesEdge

This way Coastal can revert back to a list for the Whole Coastal area, and
we can avoid multiple postings to the Houston area lists in order to hit
everyone on each list.

What say you all.. is there interests in 'Houston-Announce at ansteorra.org'??
Hillary Greenslade
(a subscriber to Coastal, Stargate and Westgate lists).

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