[Gatesedge] Re: [Westgate] Re: [Coastal] Houston, We have a Problem!

MGreene@mpan.com MGreene at mpan.com
Tue Aug 14 08:11:31 PDT 2001

 Eibhlin said:
> Sounds like a good idea except for one thing.  The posts I get most of
> time are either group specific, OR they have to do with the coastal
> Seems like very few are Houston only. Just another opinion...

Michael Silverhands said:
>No offense, but I disagree. Many times that one of the Houston groups
>Gate's Edge, Westgate) has had a meeting-related announcement (time
>place change, etc.) it has been made to all three groups, and often to
>as well (just to be sure, I guess). Local events also frequently generate
>multi-list traffic, as did Hillary's post regarding her upcoming class at

>A houston-announce list would cut down on those "repeat offenders", at

Part of the problem is, that not everyone on Stargate is on the Coastal
list, so we find the sender hits all the local area list groups.   But, if
you are like me, on Stargate and Westgate, then you get the missive three
times (Coastal, Stargate, Westgate).... then filling up my e-mail queue
with duplicates.

The other problem is (and perhaps this is only my worry), that we in the
Southeast corner of Texas use the Coastal list for general announcements in
the Houston and surrounding area.  The Coastal area is more than just the
Houston/Clear Lake area, and I wonder how our friends down in Stonebridge
Keep, Seawinds or La Marche Sauvage feel about us using it so freely for
our local announcements.   The majority of the Coastal list missives I
often see, generally have to do with Houston area stuff... such as fighter
practice schedules.  Regular announcements to the Coastal list for event
announcements could continue as it would affect everyone in the Coastal
area that may attend that event.

We have to remember that the Houston-announce at ansteorra.org is not another
subscription list, but a utility to hit all the subscription lists only
ONCE on its programmed set of lists.


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