SEREN... Re: GE - sewing guild - location change

Kimberly Dawn kdwells_1999 at
Tue Jan 9 10:32:44 PST 2001

Hey there lady, 
if you have the ifnormation on what we need, 
I will more then likely be making a trip this weekend to my
mom's (they left stuff when they were down for newyear's
and i got neat new sewing basketit's pretty and purple)
Anyway, I don't have a lot I can spend, but let me know
what is needed and I will see what I can do.. 

--- Jennifer Mittelstaedt <gwyn_26 at> wrote:
> To the Populace:
> Sewing guild will be an open forum this month.  The
> supplies are not 
> avalable at this time for starting the banners and such. 
> If people wish to 
> donate supplies for the regalia please contact Lady Seren
> (the coordinator 
> for said regalia).
> Sorry for the mix-up...  The meeting will still be at the
> church this Thurs.
> In service as always
> Lady Gwyn
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