ANST-Announce - 12th Night Lost & Found

Jennifer Leighton isabeljlj at
Tue Jan 9 10:51:13 PST 2001

I have in the trunk of my car the following found after 12th Night:

iron candle holder with space for 4 candle (3 on the side and i    raised in
the center)
Mead (brandname) Composition book with the word "Arts" on the    front
earthenware mug with handle in bluish paint
clear goblet w/blue bottom and rim
circular twisted metal (brass) kilt pin
wooden bowl
wooden goblet
green sweat pants
black corduary cloak with purple trim and silver closures
white tennis shoes
ecru lace table cloth
blue child's backpack
Jumps and Cross electronic game

I will be at Dss Larissa's Wed. Night, Coronation Saturday, and the
Elfsea/Steppes War Practice after I'm done with the storage locker on
Sunday.  Please find me at one of these events.

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