[Gatesedge] OT - Cats & Dogs

Stephen Macthomas macthomas at ev1.net
Wed Jul 4 16:48:18 PDT 2001

Hi everyone, happy Fourth of July ...

Since some people have the viewpoint that, if there is such a thing as
reincarnation, they want to come back as a cat in an SCA home (and who
wouldn't, being a cat and having all this cool SCA stuff to boot) may we
humbly recommend the movie Cats & Dogs.  It's adorably cute and very, very
funny, even if the scriptwriters made those slobbering mutts the heroes.

In service (to us, of course),
Sasha, Morgan, Squeek, & Toben
Cats rule, dogs drool!

P.S.  Don't tell Stephen and Tegan we know their passwords.

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