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Unto the gracious people of Ansteorra,

I would like to give a heart felt thanks to everyone who helped with
the Horse TV Demo on Sunday July 1st, 2001..

When Sally cantacted me about ddoing this she asked if I thought we
could pull it together in 4 days, and my response to her was that
with the dedicated people we have in our Kingdom I so no problem..

Once again our beloved Kingdom came thru...

I would Like to at this time give some word fame to a few that really
put all of themselves into this..

First to Lady Guinevere Maynard ( I know, spelled wrong :P) for
donateing her farm for the shot and making a second set of games for
a more impressive show.. She also donated alot of horses, barding and
tack, plus weapons..Vivat my friend..

Also to Lord Crowin of Saxony for all the hard back breaking labor he
put in to make everything run as smoothly as possible..

To Mistress Jolali ( Spelled wrong) for the donation of her pavillion
and time working out in the hot sun saturday doing set up..

Baron Talmond for coming out  so that we would have an Archery
marshal for the mounted archery...

To the Barony of Stargate for the use of their Pavillion, archery
targets, banners and walls...

To the Canton of Gates edge for their Pavillion...

To Lady Kathryn Clathsworthy for her time and barding..

Sir Alexis La Bouche for his time and doing the commentary with the
production crew..

Baroness Nessa for providing a hoptality tent and food and keeping
track of the water bearers..

There were so many people who came out and help many from far areas
such as Seawinds and Steppes nad others that i can not even begin to
name them all...But you know who you are and please know that I am
very grateful for all your time , effort, horses anf equipment that
you unselfishly gave for this demo..

Also I would like to thank our kids from our barn who are not in the
SCA but saw that things needed done and unselfishly went out and
helped us..

Again VIVAT to all of you for helping me with this last minute
project the Film crew was very impressed.. They had never been to a
shot where everythings was already done and ready to go...And they
had a great time and felt very good about the fact the we cared
enough to make sure they had water and food doing the shooting..

Thank You again,

Lady Moira MacCrae

P.S. Please everyone that was there email me and let me know as that
we were so busy the a sing in sheet was not provided and I need to
know peoples and horses names for my report..Thanks

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