[Gatesedge] OT: Any RPGs recruiting in GE?

Dan Brandow dbrandow at concentric.net
Sun Jul 15 21:11:51 PDT 2001

Kelly Rhodes wrote:

> I apologize if this is too far OT, but since I know some of our members play
> RPGs...if anyone knows of an RPG group looking for an experienced player, I
> would be interested. I just 'broke up' with my D&D group today so I can find
> something closer to home (and also hopefully be free to do more SCA things
> on Sundays!)

Well....  I know its a bit outta da way, but we have a great gaming
group in Northern Colorado...  All of our games (MechWarrior, Shadowrun,
Cyberpunk, Paronoia, Mythus, Merc2K, etc (some are incative)) can be
viewed online at:

There are some other (un)related links that some may find amusing
(hint... look for the word "Furby)...


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