[Gatesedge] OT: Any RPGs recruiting in GE?

Kathleen MacLaughlen liz at houston.rr.com
Mon Jul 16 19:10:02 PDT 2001

You might want to ask Mittius, William, Tyr, Bowen, and the rest of the
group, but there are two games currently being played just before fighter
practices on Sundays in the Gate's Edge neck of the woods...


>I apologize if this is too far OT, but since I know some of our members play
>RPGs...if anyone knows of an RPG group looking for an experienced player, I
>would be interested. I just 'broke up' with my D&D group today so I can find
>something closer to home (and also hopefully be free to do more SCA things
>on Sundays!)

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