[Gatesedge] Re : Wild Bowen sightings

Ld. Cedric Aeschere Einarsson fuzzybreeks at yahoo.com
Sat Jul 28 11:18:46 PDT 2001

Ah yes, I do recall seeing a notice about the wild Seren. I am told
that it is far more pleasant than the wild Bowen, and definately the
brighter of the two. That would explain how the Bowen has managed to
elude capture. Goodness knows that it could not have survived the
wilderness all this time without aid.

And the hunt goes on . . .

-- Cedric

From: "Darlene Vandever" <blaan at flash.net>
Dear Ld. Cedric,

Well, my Wildlife of North America encyclopaedia says the Bowen is even

harder to sight when it has young.  If I remember correctly, the
infamous Gate's Edge Bowen has supposedly produced a youngling with the
aide of that other most elusive beastie, the shy and most gentle, wild
Seren.  This may account for the rarity of sightings of either of these
rare and most precious of beasts.  However, the wild Seren is attacted
to bright colors in specific patterns and the infamous Gate's Edge
Bowen has been known to respond to overtures of friendship and
scratchings behind the ear.  Both beasties enjoy gentle conversations
and offerings of food and drink.  If the members of the populace look
sharply at dusk, they may spot these beastlings slipping away towards a
campfire looking for conversations, backrubs, drink and food.  Another
time honored way to attact their attention is to stand in the middle of
a camp and yell, "Hey, BOWEN!!" or "Hey, SEREN!!".  They tend to come
running at such a summons.  However, no one yet has managed to reliably
attact their attention in any other fashion.  To aide you however, I
shall keep an eye turned in their direction and should one of them
amble in my general direction, I shall endevore to employ
"animal/speak" to convey that you wish to also converse with them.

Dear God,  Help me to be the person
my dog thinks I am.  Amen

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