[Gatesedge] Proposal to the List

Stephen Macthomas macthomas at houston.rr.com
Mon Jul 1 14:35:26 PDT 2002


Because of the ever-increasing number of spam messages that seem to be
getting through the filters, I am considering a change to our filters that
will allow only subscribers to post to the list.  Posts from non-subscribers
(like our recent "friend" overseas) will be forwarded to the administrator's
attention for approval.  This means that future messages such as this will
not get through, and SCA-topical announcements from non-subscribers will be
posted, just with a bit of a delay.  For the subscribers, nothing will
change except - hopefully - the frequency that we see messages such as this
appear on our list.

I'm going to open this suggestion to the list to see what the general
thought is on making this change and act accordingly after one week (i.e.
just before our populace meeting next week).

The floor is yours ...

In service to the list,
Stephen Macthomas
Gatesedge List Administrator

Stephen Macthomas
Canton of Gate's Edge
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