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please, please!!!

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>Because of the ever-increasing number of spam messages that seem to be
>getting through the filters, I am considering a change to our filters that
>will allow only subscribers to post to the list.  Posts from non-subscribers
>(like our recent "friend" overseas) will be forwarded to the administrator's
>attention for approval.  This means that future messages such as this will
>not get through, and SCA-topical announcements from non-subscribers will be
>posted, just with a bit of a delay.  For the subscribers, nothing will
>change except - hopefully - the frequency that we see messages such as this
>appear on our list.
>I'm going to open this suggestion to the list to see what the general
>thought is on making this change and act accordingly after one week (i.e.
>just before our populace meeting next week).
>The floor is yours ...
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