[Gatesedge] Proposal to the List

doug bell magnus77840 at hotmail.com
Mon Jul 1 20:25:11 PDT 2002

Stephen's proposal is about the only way to keep SPAM off
the list once a spammer has locked on to it.  ANST
heralds has been getting strange empty posts that look
like spammers addresses.  If the spam can be blocked
so it looks like the list isn't getting it they will
stop.  However, if it goes to Stephen it will look like
a working newsgroup.  Once a spammer finds the group
is functional and read they will send hundreds of
spams to it.  With the genealogy newsgroups I have
worked with this usually will shut the list down.

My ISP had all of its email addresses stolen and
put on a CD for spammers.  If our ISP owner didn't
maintain the domain black hole file we would get several
hundred spams a day.

Just be thankful it took this long for the spammers
to find the SCA groups.  By the way, estimated cost
of SPAM to computer users in this country is up
to $8 billion dollars a year.  That is why I often
hunt these folks down.


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