[Gatesedge] Help with Translations

D. Vandever hlannes at ev1.net
Tue Jul 9 21:54:27 PDT 2002

Talmon wrote:

>    Do we really need another name that we can't spell or pronounce ,or is
> somthing that is reconizable as being a group who has earned all the
> of the area.It looks like we fondering in fancy words {AGAIN}

Good points, Talmon, and ones we need to think about.  As I said at
populous, I am not going to get in the way if that is what the *majority* of
the people want.  Nor would I get my feelings hurt if it did get changed.

However, it is my *job* as the group's Herald, to try to find the answer to
certain questions regarding names and devices.

There are several people who have proposed the possiblity of changing our
name.  I, too, like the name (or I wouldn't have proposed it in the first
place nigh onto 13 years ago).

 So this early attempt of mine to find a "translation" of Gate's Edge into
some other language is to try to satisfy several things at once....

the need that some have to have a complete new beginning....

and the need of some like myself who want to keep our history going...

and the demands of my position to answer questions regarding heraldry.

I'm sure that if the majority of people decide that the name Gate's Edge has
to go, then there will be many proposals put forward, not just translations
of the name.  And the responsiblity of making sure that whatever "name" we
wish to use is able to be registered rests squarely with myself.

The reason I am starting now is because name research is sometimes very long
and often complicated.  As a number of foks on the herald's list have
already pointed out (and which I already knew but its ok to hear it again),
its not enough to have a couple or three words that may have been used in
period thrown together, you've got to *prove* that the words *and* the
construction would have been used in period.  I'm going to have to provide
that proof.  Its my *job*.

This can get tricky.  Many names now in use (The Stargate is a great
example) which were passed decades ago would not be allowed by today's
rules.  If we are really thinking about changing the name, *I can't wait*
until the last minute to begin thinking about it because it could be a year
just to get it all the way through the process.  I need to find out *now* if
a translation is possible or if we would have to start all over again from
scratch.  I don't think I would be doing this group the service I
volonteered for if I waited until we voted on changing the name.

So, I'm starting with a possible translation...If I can find one.  And I'm
discussing this on the herald's list to see what they think about the
possiblity of translating it....or if it is even possible to translate
it....and what do they think about its chances of being something that could
be registered or not.  The populace needs to have this type of information
if they are going to make an informed decision over these things and not
just make a change because we are caught up in the heady emotions of
changing our status to shire.

Dear God,  Help me to be the person
my dog thinks I am.  Amen

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