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On rereading this post, I realize there may be some confusion on my part or
on yours, I'm not sure which (see I *am* confused!)

Anyway, our name of Gate's Edge was passed on January 18, 1992.  No problem
with that at all.  Any hang-up to shire status would not involve our already
registered name.

If we *translate* the name, it can be a problem.  Gate's Edge probably would
not be able to be registered now in English or in any other language.  Its
being discussed on the herald's list even as I type.

If we try to get a new name, this can also be a problem.  How many of you
remember the 4-5-6? or more different names Westgate had for years as they
tried to get a name registered?  Read Magnus post concerning 4 groups trying
to get a name registered right now with only 1 being successful.

As for impacting the move to shire, I am right now supposing it may have an
impact if we dropped this name and tried for another.  I'm not sure about


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> So do I read your post correctly, in that if we submit
> the name gate's edge for the shire application,that
> the name would be denied?
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