[Gatesedge] New Name

Ron rkchance at charter.net
Wed Jul 10 18:33:00 PDT 2002

In my previous missive (blathering) I wanted to make the point that if
translations were being made, you should consider forms other than

With the information that the name Gates Edge has been registered and
having a finite amount of time to initiate the Shire paperwork, would it
not be prudent to focus on Shire status now and work on a name change

There has been a lot of hard work to get us to this point.  I wouldn't
want to risk that hard work over a name.  I feel that we are rushing
this process.  And when you rush into something, you don't necessarily
make the best choice.

As I understand it, we have nine months left to get the paperwork in or
we have to start all over.  I say process it.

If we all feel that a name change is in order, I would much rather be
able to have the entire focus be on the name rather than getting
something together hurriedly to slap into paperwork for Shire status.

I have found that a name, while important, is not all defining in and of
itself.  I have found that the people within the group are what are

Oh, it matters not what name we call ourselves, we are still who we are
regardless. A Rose by any other name and all that.

Just my opinion.  And there is a reason they are free.

Rognvaldr Viljalmsson

Pick your star, stay your course, and take big bites

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