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Margarita Alvarez serinlerapp at hotmail.com
Sat Mar 2 10:42:41 PST 2002

I'm sure you know it by now, but yes the list was sent, actually even before
you sent this message out.  Sorry for the late response, but Jules and I
have been pretty sick for over a week and a half now.  We're both feeling a
little better now.  I'm trying to catch up on my emails from the last ten
ta for now,

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Subject: [Gatesedge] Fwd: [Ansteorra-announce] Revised Coastal list
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Bowen  (or Serin for Bowen),

Did the list of Gate's Edge campers ever get forwarded to the appropriate
people.  It seems that there are a few (including me) who reported that we
would be going to War that are not on either of the last two lists Sir
has distrubuted.



Forwarded From: drwise <drwise at houston.rr.com>

 > Greetings all from Alexis,
 > Here is the list with the changes that I have received:
 > Loch Sollier
 > Baron Sir Ulstead-  John Steelquist
 > Baroness Cateau D' Ardennes-  Diana Steelquist
 > Centurian Vlad Starkraven-  Lyndon Joslin
 > Mistress Neassa the Obstreperous-  Kim Tucker
 > Sir Alexis-  Dave Wise
 > Don Wolfgang Van Dem Hoffen-  Dave Blake
 > HL Tegan Rhos-  Ruth Blake
 > Master Leofric Eldricson-  Frank Jurgens
 > HL Mairi M'Donnyle-  Denise Jurgens
 > Lord Mahee of Acre-  Russell Husted
 > Lady Medb ingen Domnaill-  Rachel Husted
 > Ailis-  Bethany Husted
 > Donchad-  Aaron Husted
 > Mariah-  Mariah Husted
 > Dannette-  Lara Stolkey
 > Graf Galen Kirkenbaur-  Galen Bevel
 > Countess Rebbecca Kleinsperson- Rebecca Bevel
 > Caitlin-  Caitlin Bevel
 > Kelsey-  Kelsey Bevel
 > Lord Pace-  Gary Pace
 > Lady Giovanna Lena Caronna-  Carolyn Caronna
 > Lord Tristan-  Scott Jakl
 > Lady Ceara-Sandra White
 > Kris Bjarnarsson-  Jim
 > Gwenfrewi-  Tish
 > HL Gisla
 > Sir Rurik
 > Einego Oler Kari de Guzman-my long lost squire
 > William-Buddy
 > Lord Kovac Myklos
 > Lady Eliana della Volta
 > Sarah
 > Natalie
 > Trian Caoimhe
 > Stargate
 > Baron Sir Godwin of Edington-  David Jurgens
 > Mistress Elisena 'Lissa' De Bayonne-  Sue Jurgens
 > Lord Andrew Scarheart-Scott
 > Michael Meyers
 > Dudley Lehmer
 > Cindy Archer
 > Cary Dier
 > John D'Anderiale
 > Gerald of Leeshire-  Jerry Norris
 > Caitlin bean Ghearailt-  Kati Norris
 > Tiger of Stargate-  Leon Norris
 > Leofwine of Somerset-  Wayne Law
 > Ciarnat of Firethorn-  Kim Law
 > Angela of Somerset-  Jerrica Law
 > Anya O'Quinlyn-  Wanda Chase
 > Thordir Rodardson-  Ray Chase
 > Mullen Mac Rodardson-  Marcus Chase
 > Mistress Hillary Greenslade-  Marsha Greene
 > Mistress Ginevra Rodney
 > Lord Brian McCaiel
 > Lady Carmen Salazar
 > Vaclav
 > Vasilisa
 > Don Iago
 > Westgate
 > Lady Eiblhlin MacEogan
 > Lord Ihone MacEogan
 > Lady Maureen
 > Lord Askell du Loucelle-  Kelvin Soice
 > Lady Melody MacGregor-  Melody Soice
 > Thomas
 > Duke Jean Richard Malcolmson-  Russell Rischard
 > Countess Anora Frayne of Winward-  Kimberly Rischard
 > Suzanne Rischard
 > Rachael Rischard
 > Matthew Rischard
 > William Rischard
 > Gate's Edge
 > Lady Damask
 > Lord Heinrich
 > Lady Taya
 > Lord Ori
 > Lady Rachel
 > Lord Tucker
 > Duchess Desive and husband
 > Greywood
 > HL Saundra of Loch Raeburn-  Celeste Shelton
 > Lord Giotto di Giovanni-  Ed Shelton
 > Benjamin-  Benjamin Shelton
 > Lady Gwyneth Blackrose-  Gail Young
 > Zachary-  Zachary Young
 > Meghan-  Meghan Young
 > Don Thorland O'Shea-  Scott Cooper
 > Lady Katerina Nadalini-  Kris Cooper
 > Don Ansgar von Aachen-  Bill Small
 > Kilian MacRaith-  John David Scott
 > Ean MacRaith-  David G. Scott
 > Gork-  Michael McNellis
 > Padrick Logan-Michael Pratt
 > Allessandra de Vetorri-  Brandi Staples
 > William Killian-  Robert Ellis
 > Mistress Corrine Elizabeth Drake- Beth Ellis
 > Bordermarch
 > HE Armand de Lacy, Baron of Bordermarch - Richard Parish
 > HE Caitrin de Lacy, Baroness of Bordermarch - Debra Parrish
 > Count Simonn of Amber Isle - Ben Lee
 > Zain Ambergate ap Simonn - Zane Lee
 > Richard Redscale - Ric Nunn
 > Lord Vincois Luis Picard - Vincent Picou
 > Lord Araric of the Visagoths - Bryan Norton
 > Dona Leah le Malchanceuse - Darlene Fox
 > Angelicia le Malchanceuse - Angel Phillips
 > Seawinds
 > Have o't heard from anyone

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