[Gatesedge] Heraldry Announcements

Dan Brandow dbrandow at concentric.net
Sat Mar 2 13:36:29 PST 2002

D. Vandever wrote:

>Greetings unto the Populace from your humble Herald!
>The December Letter of Acceptances and Returns has been posted from the Star
>Principal Herald and the following pertained to Gate's Edge:
>James Hamilton
>     This name is being returned for conflict with James Hamilton
>(1606-1649), third Marquess and first Duke of Hamilton, who has his own
>entry in the Encyclopedia Britannica.
>A holding name of James of Gate's Edge has been created so that his armory
>could be registered.
>James of Gate's Edge.  Holding name and Device.  Per saltire argent and
>vert, in pale two dragons rampant and in fess two roundels counterchanged.
>Congratulations on the registration of your device.  Would M'lord James of
>Gate's Edge please contact me privately?  I would like to help with your
>name and I also have no record of your submission.  If you put it thru a
>consultation table, then I would have no records and I could really use
>them.  Contact me at:
>hlannes at ev1.net
>Also, could Lord Ciaran please contact me privately?  I have no records
>concerning your submission and registered name.  I really need these for my
>records and would like to get with you to procure a copy.
>I would also like to announce that the March Order of Precedence has been
>updated.  The awards given at Pestilence Ball have been entered into the
>updated OP.  Please double check your entry to make sure that it has been
>entered.  I did check on several but it is fun to see it for yourself.  :)
>Linnet of Lindisfarne has been updated from Kealani of Gate's Edge.  You can
>view the new OP at:
>Until then, I remain....
>In Service,
>HL Annes Clotilde von Bamburg
>Herald, Gate's Edge
>Dear God,  Help me to be the person
>my dog thinks I am.  Amen
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