[Gatesedge] Boot workshop

Forrest Hedrick fhedrick at polygon.cc
Wed Mar 6 13:10:42 PST 2002

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Greetings all,

           I want to clarify the parameters of this workshop.  First, boots,
as in cowboy or cavalier style is not what I can make.  The type I am
talking about are the moccasin styles.  I have spent an inordinate amount of
time and money trying to make the others and have yet to produce anything
wearable!  I have patterns for three styles of moccasins. 1) ankle high 2)
calf high 3) lace up style.  Second, I am offering to help guide people
through making a pair.  Use of tools and space are part of the deal.
Materials are up to the individual.  I will be more than happy to send
anyone interested to my supplier.  He’s cheaper than buying on line and

I have tried using all sorts of materials to make these.  I have found that
elk, deer, or suede works the best.  We had one pair in my household that
held up to 3 years of TRF and who knows how many events.  If the person
wearing them couldn’t destroy them, they were immortal!   I am more than
happy to help anyone interested in making a pair of these.  There are other
patterns available, such as a Mongol style, but I have not been able to
locate them.

Anyone interested in making a pair of these, please e-mail me after Gulf
War.  I will do my best to clear my schedule for a couple of evenings and
possibly a weekend time.  I currently have a pile of projects two feet deep,
some dating back two years that I have managed to promise to people.  Once I
actually get these cleared out, I will be more available.

In Service to the Dream and Ansteorra,


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