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Wed Mar 6 15:08:48 PST 2002

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Greeting to all,

Just a reminder from the Gate's Edge Kitchen and Gulf Wars to all gentles
camping in the Gate's Edge encampment.  This year we have a meal plan and all
are welcome to partake.  The plan includes breakfast, and afternoon snack and
a hot dinner.  The plan begins on Tuesday and continues through Saturday.
The cost is ten dollars a day and you can begin on any day.  Payment for the
meal may be made in cash on site as we are actually purchasing the food in

If you have any allergies or dislikes please let me know as soon as possible
as we are already planing the menus.  For example the Gate's Edge Kitchen is
a mushroom free zone.

Although we are serving breakfast on disposables it would be nice to eat
dinner on real dishes so bring your feast gear and a mug for morning coffee
and tea.

If you are planning on attending Gulf Wars and would like to partake in the
meal plan please contact me this week, before Sunday as we need to decide how
much gear to bring with us.

Remember all are welcome and we look forward to good food, good company and a
glorious victory.

In service,

Anne de Bruyeres

281-367-5790 home
281-292-9801 work (Call here on Saturday)
robinw5410 at aol.com

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