[Gatesedge] Cooking Guild?

macthomas macthomas at mail.ev1.net
Sun Mar 10 19:00:54 PST 2002

So who's got the scoop on the Cooking Guild?  I talk a really good
game about starting the associated Eating Guild, but it's the
cooking side I'd really be interested in.  (Besides, the cook's
gotta taste to be sure it's working out the way it should, right?)

If anyone has info about this, please post.  Thanks.


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>I am not sure of when this is slotted for, or who is on the list.
>I have a very large collection of cooking magazines, and some old
cook books
>I would like to swap or you can just take these off of my
hands :)  If
>anyone would be interested in this, please let me know.  What I
have is a
>lot of Gourmet Magazines, Cooking Illustrated, and other stuff as
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