[Gatesedge] Charter Painting

Natasha Storfer natashastorfer at yahoo.com
Tue Mar 19 06:46:37 PST 2002

Greetings Everyone!

This is just a friendly reminder that Charter Painting
will be at our house this Sunday afternoon (March
24th).  It was posted as being in the 31st at one
point, but we will be celebrating Easter that day.

If you are thinking to yourself "I'd like to see
everyone, but I don't like touching those charter
thingies", No worries!  We have enough room that we
may accommodate beading, sewing, weaving (for those
who bring their inkle looms), and other such crafts.

If you are interested in more athletic pursuits, we
have a portable pell in the backyard and my husband
would probably suit up so you could bash each other if
you asked nicely.

Snacks will be provided. There may be another "taste
test" for MSF, but at this point it's still up in the

And as it is always nice to have another set of

4810 Theall
Houston, TX 77066

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