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Pam Kendrick pkendrick at houston.rr.com
Fri Oct 11 06:57:52 PDT 2002

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Dearest Marguerite, gentle cousin, at long last I received your letter.
How I long to see you again.  I have found this place to be quite
strange!  The weather here is so terribly hot, one can scarcely draw a
breath, and I have been most unwell since I arrived.  My mistress is
kind, though, and has seen to it that I'm not too overly worked until I
acclimate myself.

The master's holding's are large and the manor is vast, he is away much
of the time I understand, I have not seen him myself, but word in the
manor is he will return soon as the harvest festival begins in October.
The mistress holds a firm hand on the reins in his stead.

We are beginning to prepare for the festival; grand feasts and much
activity are planned.  Great amounts of food and drink will be served,
rooms are being made ready for the comfort of all the master's guest's
and everywhere is the feeling of excitement for the coming times.

The mistress's sister arrived from Paris last week, she complains of the
heat, and everything else, if I hear correctly.  Although she looks like
the mistress, all comparisons end there it appears.  She is has a sharp
tongue and is said to pinch her attendants sharply if they displease her
in any way.  Rumor is about that she has an eye for things that do not
belong to her, though I should not speak of it.

I must say fair well to you now, gentle cousin, the mistress wishes to
take her sister on a tour of the estates and I must attend her.  I
continue to pray for your health and happiness.

Always, Joan Pierette

Pour l'amour de Dieu, achetez douze-emballent du coke


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