[Gatesedge] Emergency Announcement Concerning TRF Pass Pick Up!

D. Vandever hlannes at ev1.net
Fri Oct 11 18:10:17 PDT 2002

Please forgive the multiple announcements.

The gate for pick-up of passes for TRF has had to move from in front of
Mom's Cafe before the main gate.

Pass-pick up is now located at the new Shell station approximately 100 yards
or so before you reach the participants gate as you come out of Magnolia on

Mom's Cafe no longer is willing to let us pick up our passes out of their
parking lot and have asked us to move on down the road as it were.

If you know anyone who is headed to TRF tonight, tomorrow morning, or on
Sunday morning and they may not see this announcement, please contact them
and put them in the know.

Written at the request of HL Gerald of Leesville.

Dear God,  Help me to be the person
my dog thinks I am.  Amen

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