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Yikes! It's the 31st!

European Dance Guild--October report
Master Ihon and HL Signy
Meets Sundays, 2-4 pm, Oaks Presbyterian Church
We couldn't meet twice this month due to Master Ihon and his lady being on
their honeymoon and I being out of town. But the two times we did meet we
had between 8-10 people in attendance. We are working on some Italian Ren.
dances like Ballo del Fiore and Villanella. One week we worked on dances
that we could dance out at TRF with Charity playing. We should be having
dance every Sunday as scheduled from now till the end of the year.
Perronnelle wants to teach us Belfiore possibly this coming Sunday if she is
able to. Signy is currently helping the Barony of Raven's Fort get their
European Dance guild going. She is working with HL Jacinth to get music and
to teach dance steps and dances.

Just keep reminding me when these are due, Alissatasia, and I'll get them to


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Just a reminder that I need all guild reports in by the 30th. Please contact
me if you need more time for your report.

Thank you!
Ly Alisstassia del Balzo
Minister of Arts and Sciences
Canton of Gates Edge
alisstassia at yahoo.com


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