[Gatesedge] off topic, but important

Scarlett Scarlettmb at ix.netcom.com
Wed Jun 25 20:52:38 PDT 2003

Hey all.  

I know I haven't been around recently.  Been looking for a job and such.

However, since I haven't been able to find one, I made a very important decision.  I have started classes for Real Estate.  

So, anyone who is interested, please give me a yell.  I am hoping to be working out of The Woodlands.  That way I can pretty much cover the whole north section of the city.  I am still in classes.  Should be out in 3 weeks and then doing the prep class to get ready for the Exam.  Hopefully I will already have a sponcoring broker by then.  

I am looking forward to handling any and all Real Estate needs for my friends in the Canton.  

Talk to you all later.

Oh and I have an interview with the broker I really want to work for on Friday morning, so everyone pray for me.

Lady Elizabetta de Medici
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