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I'm sorry, I seem to have missed Lady Alistassia's missive somehow. I may
have possibly deleted it as when I got back home I had over 400 emails to go
thru. :-( Anyway, I read it with interest and would like to help. I do have
all the stuff for boo-boo medicine and can make some up for coronation. Who
do I give it to?  Another nice give that I haven't given to a Crown to give
to fighter's in a long time are the "Good Smelly Bags" that the fighter is
to throw down into the bottom of his/her armour bag/box so that after the
bag/box has sat closed up with 40 lbs of sweat-soaked armor in it for an
unknown number of days (weeks, months) inside the locked trunk of a car (in
Houston heat) one does not have to (necessarily) wear a gas mask in order to
open the bag/box.  The bags contain strong smelling herbs and oils to mask
the scent of fried fighter sweat on the armor. I could try to make these up
(a dozen or so) for Coronation if y'all think it a "good idea".

Dear God,  Help me to be the person
my dog thinks I am.  Amen
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> Greeting!!!!
> In a follow up from the missive that Lady Alisstassia sent out yesterday,
> please help out our new Princess soon to be crowned Queen (2 weeks and
> counting!!)
> We have so many talented people in our Canton just a few suggestions:  How
> about our herbalists that can make bruise ointments and other wonderful
> that would be perfect to give to fighters that are impressive.  The
> hand made soaps, and bath salts that smell like a little heaven on earth?
> about our weavers, and beaders........little tokens to pass out for A&S
> might catch her eye?  Sewing.....place mats with devices, etc........the
> of what we do goes on and on!!!!
> Please let Lady Alisstassia know if and what you can and will contribute
> that we can help out our new Queen to beCateau d'Ardennes
> Thanking you in advance for your help....I'm off to thread up my
> machine to make some blackwork mug, and goblet covers!!!
> In service,
> Always,
> Aylwin
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