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if you can get to the Library, a search of names for the country of origin 
for your persona isn't bad. Scottish names in a search engine pulls up all 
kinds of sites for example.

Guillame de Vienville

MKA Mike Wyvill

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>Hello, my name's David and I'm new to the mailing list and I'm trying to 
>information on the S.C.A. Also, where do you go to find all these cool 
>for yourselves? Is it an "Ancestor Search/ Family Heritage" website or just
>brilliant imagination. I only have capabilities to email from an Intranet,
>no internet privileges. So, if I don't email you right back...I will sooner
>or later. Thanks,
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>Hmmmmm....I must be really brainwiped because the "subtle differences" are
>too subtle for me to notice...:-(
>Dear God,  Help me to be the person
>my dog thinks I am.  Amen
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> > You should all notice that new posts to the list, such as this one, 
> > reflect the subtle changes that Eadric put onto the website.
> >
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