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If the shire doesn't want it, my parents really want it... 

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  Hey everybody....have you seen this? Is it something we want to jump on? Inquiring minds, etc.
  Dear God,  Help me to be the person
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  Since wife says we are getting rid of rental storage space and getting a storage shed in back of the garage, so I need to sell my enclosed trailer.  This is a water tight 4 foot by six and a half foot by about four foot tall trailer.  With the trailer and tires it stands over 6 foot high.  The trailer opens up on three sides for ease of loading and unloading.  It has a new axle and good tires with a spare rim and tire. The tires are a standard 14 inch size.  The ball receptacle is the largest one. I think it is almost 2 inches.  The tires do need balancing.  Lights are about 2 years old.  Running lights on all four corners.  Going to put it in the Greensheets next week for $400 but am offering it on this list for $350 until next Sunday Oct. 5 .
  Loch Sollier
  (League City)


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