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Well, here are my thoughts.

1.  It's small.  Actually very small.  

In fact it is so small that the poles from most large pavilions wont fit into it easily.  The side poles for the canton pavilion are 6'4"  (I just measured) so they MIGHT just barely fit inside.

 It is also so small that someone can not climb inside and stand up..  The fact that it opens on three sides means that not standing up  inside wont be much of a problem.

It is small enough that it cant really serve as much of a replacement for a storage room/building 

2.  The price it good.  Depending on the shape it is in, it might be worth looking into for the Shire if we decided that we wanted to have 2 trailers.


H.L. Eadric Anstapa
eadric at scabrewer.com

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  Hey everybody....have you seen this? Is it something we want to jump on? Inquiring minds, etc.
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  Since wife says we are getting rid of rental storage space and getting a storage shed in back of the garage, so I need to sell my enclosed trailer.  This is a water tight 4 foot by six and a half foot by about four foot tall trailer.  With the trailer and tires it stands over 6 foot high.  The trailer opens up on three sides for ease of loading and unloading.  It has a new axle and good tires with a spare rim and tire. The tires are a standard 14 inch size.  The ball receptacle is the largest one. I think it is almost 2 inches.  The tires do need balancing.  Lights are about 2 years old.  Running lights on all four corners.  Going to put it in the Greensheets next week for $400 but am offering it on this list for $350 until next Sunday Oct. 5 .
  Loch Sollier
  (League City)
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