[Gatesedge] Online Calendar

Eadric Anstapa eadric at scabrewer.com
Mon Aug 9 11:34:34 PDT 2004

OK, I am gunna pull out the soapbox...

Everyone please remember to keep the calendar up to date.  This is
important, particularly as we move more and more towards electronic

If you are an officer, guild principal, autocrat, etc. Then it is
your responsibility to keep the calendar up to date with the dates
and information for the events you are in charge of.  

This should be taken care of ideally at least 60 days in advance so
that people can plan, avoid conflicts and so that it can make it
into the newsletter.  

Just looking at the calendar... Ther are no fighter practices,
listed at all, there are no business meetings at all, populace is
listed this month but for nothing in the future and was not on the
calendar the past two months, etc.

Kudos, to the Fibre Arts, Tapesty Guild, and Archers for keeping
their calendar entries ready months in advance.  All of those are up
to date through the end of the year and have been for some time.

If you are planning something, guilds, parties, etc. PLEASE consult
the online calendar to try and avoid conflicts with other standing
meetings. (and that assumes that the organizers of those other
meetings keep their calendar entries updated). 

Thanks in Advance,

Arcus Eadric Anstapa
eadric at scabrewer.com

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