[Gatesedge] Thrown Weapons at Cour d'Amour

Alden Drake alden_drake at sbcglobal.net
Mon Aug 9 19:20:29 PDT 2004

Hey folks,
It is with considerable sadness that I must say that I will not be attending
Cour d'Amour this year.  That same weekend is Knowne World Academy of the
Rapier, and as my lady wife is fighting rapier, I will be taking her to that
event to support her interest.

As the outgoing TW Champion, I'll do my best to see that an alternate
marshal is available to run the championship, and will make sure the banner
and pass-down spear make it to the event.  My range and weapons will be
available, even if I cannot be.  I know many of the at-large TW marshals
that reside in GE are doing other things for the event, but if they could
make themselves available for a couple hours to run the TW tourney, that
would be especially helpful.  I'll check with other marshals around the
region as well and see if they can come to the event.


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