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Valerie Williams digigirl1066 at lycos.com
Thu Aug 12 10:25:02 PDT 2004

Thanks for all the great info Don Brian! I have checked out the Gate's Edge and Ansteorran websites, but haven't really looked at the others that much before.  And I'm very glad to know about the archery and fighter practices. I would love to get out to something informal like that soon so that we can get to know some people. 

I see the info on the Stargate website re: the Tues night fighter practices. Where would I find the details on the archery practices? 

Anyway, Dante is interested in getting into both rapier and heavy fighting, so I'm glad to hear they are a combined practice. That way, he can check them both out at once. :)

I have also been primarily a day-tripper up until now - I expect I'll have to get used to a bit more camping here in Ansteorra, but glad to hear there are some day-tripable event available.

Thanks again and looking forward to meeting everyone soon.


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> Ceinwen,
> Welcome to Ansteorra, and to Gate's Edge!  When you get settled and are ready to play, there is certainly enough activity here.  I assume you've found the Shire website, and the calendar.  Check out the one for Stargate (the Barony in Houston proper), its Canton of Westgate (West Houston), Loch Loillier (the Barony in the southern part of Houston), and Ravensfort (the Barony centered in Huntsville, but it starts just on the other side of the county line).  Our group here is pretty diverse and can cover just about any interest you and your family have, or think you have.  
> The fall tourney season will get underway soon, and there are quite a few events that are reasonablly close during that time, many of which can be day-tripped (I'm not a camper, so those are always high on my personal list).
> The local monthly archery practice is a nice place to meet some of the populace (you don't need to be interested in archery to come out).  Also every Tues night on the University of Houston campus there is a combined fighter practice.  It, too, is a good meeting place and often attracts populace from all over the Houston area who engage in other activities than fighting (and we are there to encourage new fighters as well, of course).
> Hope you enjoy, and welcome to the group!!
> Don Brian mac Cael
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