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Greeting Ceiwen and Welcome to Gate's Edge!!

I would like to introduce myself---Lady Gwenhavre Cordelia Maynard.  I own
Camelot Horse Center and we are hosting a party at the farm that includes an
invitation to All Gate's Edgers.  The theme of the party is an Elizabethan
Luau and many are getting creative in what an Elizabethan might wear but
special costuming is not necessary.  Please accept my invitation to come
play with us next Saturday ( August 21 )at Camelot Horse Center.  The pool
will be open so bring a suit.   Also bring your own chair and whatever you
choose to eat and drink.

Hope to meet you next Saturday,
Lady Gwenhavre

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Thanks for all the great info Don Brian! I have checked out the Gate's Edge
and Ansteorran websites, but haven't really looked at the others that much
before.  And I'm very glad to know about the archery and fighter practices.
I would love to get out to something informal like that soon so that we can
get to know some people. 

I see the info on the Stargate website re: the Tues night fighter practices.
Where would I find the details on the archery practices? 

Anyway, Dante is interested in getting into both rapier and heavy fighting,
so I'm glad to hear they are a combined practice. That way, he can check
them both out at once. :)

I have also been primarily a day-tripper up until now - I expect I'll have
to get used to a bit more camping here in Ansteorra, but glad to hear there
are some day-tripable event available.

Thanks again and looking forward to meeting everyone soon.


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