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Jennifer Forsyth jforsyth at entouch.net
Wed Dec 1 09:30:15 PST 2004

GlacierAs we all know, Coronation is only a couple of months away, and The
shire has decided to give their soon-to-be Majesties a visa gift card. I
have volunteered to collect the donations from the shire to get this gift
ready. That being said...

We are collecting donations at both the December and January populace
meetings, and I will be available as stated below if you are unable to come
to the meeting.

Dec 4th - after about 4 at archery practice
Dec 11th at Stargate Yule.
Dec 18th at Eadric's Yule Party.

If you need to get a donation to me and are still unavailable, please
contact me off list and I'll do what I can to make arrangements.

In service
Jennifer M. Forsyth
En-Touch Systems - Customer Service
281-225-1000 ext. 5525
Fax: 832-590-5539

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