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Hi Aylwin,
I believe this message was intended for Brian, so you may want to re-send to his email.
I did speak to Judy at Northwoods and we have been given room 406 (our regular populace location) on Tuesday April 13th, the day after we normally hold populace.
Any word about changing Cour d'Amour's date to the first weekend in November?

Fluffy10 at aol.com wrote:
Thats okay....we talked bad about ya!!!!
There is a couple of things though.  Tasha's going to need a check for the ad to go in the  May Blackstar for MSF.  She's projecting on getting it in the mail to Alexander on Monday.  He needs the ad before April 1.  Tasha also has her receipts to be reimbursed for the supplies for scribal guild.  James also needs a check for the submittals on names and devices so that he can send them on.
We're also going to set up a day to go get the trailer and "guts".....after the 1st of April.  I want to have all that in order before MSF so that it can be used.  
We also talked about changing banks.  Out of the six of us there it was okay...Allisstacia would like more information though.....Woodforest sounds like it might be the one to go with......we can talk about this later....too much to type!
I think that's about it!!!  Everyone was still kinda blahh from spring break, and GW.....
See ya soon!!
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